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Management Message


Kazcioglu otomotiv has reached a sustainable quality level with all company members.

Even though the origin was earlier, a picture showing welding and grinding equipment from the year 1960 is admitted as the starting time and we try our best to reach highest possible levels since 55 years.

We always believed in investing in human resources and managed to add 3rd and 4th university graduated generation to our company.

We considered our missions as a flag race and did all possible to transfer the flag in a faster way to the next generations.

The main growth aim was to become profitable to our town, province and country.

Kazcioglu was always aware that it needs to have the highest quality of staff and best technology equipment to reach a global acceptable quality level. In this manner we achieved high quality, fast and low cost production and became able to ship on time, which helped us to become a brend name.

Meanwhile the production, Kazcioglu took also part in social activities. We financed the vocational training center which was named to our father Mr. Halil Ibrahim Kazcioglu and the apprentice dormitory was named to our mother Ms. Raife Kazcioglu, who were both passed away.

Kazcioglu is also very active in sports activities, training many in our Kazcioglu Sports Club in the fields of volleyball, ping-pong and wrestling.

The mystery of beeing succesfull lies in the family serenity. We would like to thank the real heroes providing this serenity to us, our wives and children.

Şeref Kazcıoğlu

Managing Director