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Human Resources

The policy objektieves of our human resources is to increase our capacity in Turkey and also in foreign industries. We aim to be a leader of his area, to be sensitive to environment and occupational health and safety, to be ready for development which takes power from quality standards and creativity of the workers.

To assure effective and efficient work, the hr planning, selection, employment and positioning is made according to certain plans and necessary training.

The basic principles of our human resources

  • To ensure continued efficient operation to get benefit from physical and spiritual power of the worker
  • To recognize the expectations of employees
  • To be equal to employees without any sepperate because of language, folk, minds, religion and opinions
  • The employeer won’t be worried about their feature and can trust economically and social
  • To supply the requirement of education and to develop the talents of the workers.
  • To inform the staff timely about the themes they should know.