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3 New Machines

In frame of Zafer Development Agency Competative SME funding Programm, our Project has won the right to recive grants for below listed machines.

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7 New Personal Exploymen

1 Woman totaly 7 personals were hired.

Quality Producing Budget Information

Our “precision cutting, Quality Producing” Project wich has won the right to receive grants from Zafer Development Agency Competetive SME Founding Program:

Of which invested totaly 1.309.473,58 TL. 387.550,00 TL supported by Zafer Development Agency and 921.923,53 TL from his own equity.

Our Project Is Completed

With the closing meeting on 16.03.2015 our Project ended within 9 months total



Kazcioglu Otomotiv has a history of 55 years and continues to increase and diversify the production since 4 generations. The younger and older generations of the Kazcioglu family are blending the experience and dynamism of all members and carry on developing its commertial life.

Instead of moving to the industrial area locations, even though remarcable capacity, Kazcioglu Otomotiv remained in its home area Kutahya Simav, which has a population of 25.000 citizens, and preferred to offer to 200 workers an employment opportunity. Today Kazcioglu Otomotiv is proud to become one of the high experienced cold forging manufacturers of Turkey, being the only industrial enterprise of Simav and to be in the highest tax payers list of Kutahya.

On behalf of and to thank our city and country and to honor our founders, we have named our vocational training centre to our founder Mr. Halil Ibrahim Kazcioglu and the dormitory with his wifes name Mrs. Raife Kazcioglu.

Kazcıoğlu Kazcıoğlu-2 Kazcıoğlu - 3